Chapters of Solace was birthed and inspired from the Emerging Proud KindaProud Book series, #Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Health distress. This groundbreaking book aims to break the silence, taboo, and stigma in Muslim communities around mental health issues, providing a platform to share recovery stories and give hope and inspiration to our friends, families, and communities.


The name Chapters of Solace is derived from Chapters representing the Surahs from the Holy Quran, in particular chapter 12 (Surah Yusuf) and Solace in the hope of finding tranquillity. The Quran very clearly shows us that feeling our emotions is a foundational step to vulnerability.


We believe that in the Muslim community, we need to stop incorrectly correlating complicated feelings with ingratitude. Someone can be feeling intense pain and still be grateful. We see this with the examples of all Prophets. A great example of this is in the story of Yusuf, Chapter 12 in the Quran. Prophet Yusuf’s father, Prophet Yaqub, when he suffered the loss of his son, Yusuf, and his eyesight, Prophet Yacub says,

I complain of my anguish and grief to Allah(Quran - 12:86).

The prophets did not hide from their emotional states, so why should you and I?

Chapters of Solace approach offers itself as a unique intervention from ‘traditional ’mental health services. It is a platform that offers Muslims a safe, confidential, emotional supportive space based on sharing lived experiences of mental, emotional, and spiritual health distress. A safe space where we encourage equal and trusting relationships, characterised by:

Respect - Being non-judgemental and not making assumptions about or pathologizing the person’s experiences or beliefs.

Reciprocity - A willingness to give and receive support and learn from differences, with all parties sharing their experiences and

benefiting from this.

Mutuality - A non–hierarchical relationship of equal value to all parties where we could share the experiences of our healing



We use a non-directive approach to help individuals rather than suggesting solutions. We focus and build a person's strength and ability to use the resources available available to them. We pride ourselves in our healing focused attitude creating hope and building anatomy, empowering individuals to define, lead and own their healing, and enabling them to identify and work towards their life goals.



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